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~Event Planning

~ Home & Office Organization

~ Time Management


Kym was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She has been married to Carmelo since 1994 and they have two daughters, Ayri and Anay.


Living a life filled with disappointments and triumphs, it is Kym’s heart to share and encourage that no matter what and no matter when, you can still Arrive to the purpose and plan for your life.


You have arrived

Just think if you had it all figured out, how different your life might be. On our life timeline, failure and success go hand in hand. Truth is we may never have it all figured out but there are practical steps we can take to go back, sort some things out and gain an understanding of how our daily lives are affected by our thoughts and experiences so we are not hindered by them and we can move forward in all that is waiting for us to arrive our rightful place. The amazing news is it’s not too late to overcome any obstacle that may be in your way so that you can navigate your way to a life filled with joy, peace and accomplishment.

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